Caught a Sissy Boy friend

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  1. Poornima Chandran

    This new girl looks better than the rest.

  2. kavita Chandra

    Oo wow how sweet na !! Lookin nice both of them …the bob cut is the hair style i m tryin now on me !! Hope i look atleast half as beautiful as here now :)

    with love and kisses,

  3. kavita Chandra

    i m sure she will have a hand feel her all around tonight 😉 !!

    with love and kisses,

  4. Poornima Chandran

    hand over where? 😀

  5. kavita Chandra

    LOL on her waist bottom thight and need i say more u have me blushing here already now !!

    with love and kisses,

  6. Poornima Chandran

    yes. please stop it :)

  7. Samer123y

    u want sissy bf?

  8. Samer

    any girl want sissy bf?

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